17.02.2012 -Introduction and visit of “Phaidras Liebe”

17.02.2012 – Introduction and visit of “Phaidras Liebe” by Sarah
Kane at the University of Music, Drama and Media

The University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover invites you to the theater production “Phaidras Liebe” by Sarah Kane (1971 – 1999) on Friday 17.02.12.

This play is a contemporary adaption of the old Greek myth of Phaidra, which tells the story of her love to her stepson Hippolytos. But this love remains unrequited and so she decides to commit suicide. She leaves a momentous letter, which gives the play an even more tragic turn.

At 18 h we will give you a short introduction to the play.

When: Friday 17. February 2012
Meeting Point: 17:00 h at Hannover main station at the statue (Ernst-August-Platz)
Registration: until 20th January at your International Office
Participation is free

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