20.10.2011 – Brewery Tour Beck & Co. in Bremen

Brewery Tour Beck & Co. in Bremen
The brewery tour provides above all a lot of interesting information about the art of brewing, the brewery and the Beck’s and Haake-Beck brands, presented in a diversified manner.
The tour takes you through the museum, the raw materials area and the brew house. You will also pass malt silos and fermentation and storage tanks. Two films of 10 minutes each and a presentation in the cinema conclude the tour.

After the tour, you are invited for a beer test in the guest room and everyone is served a soft prezel stick “Laugenstange” and two beers or soft drinks. Duration: 2 ½ hours.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to visit the famous Bremen Freimarkt, the oldest funfair in German. No other fair offers so many different fairground attractions as the “Freimarkt”.

Meeting is at 12.45h at: InBev Deutschland Besucherzentrum / Visitors’ center Am Deich 18/19 28199 Bremen

Tram 1, 8 or Bus 26, 27; Stop “Am Brill” + 10 min walk

Max. number of Participants: 30
Entrance fee: 10,50€

Registration: 01.10. – 15.10.2011

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