Events 2011: Flyer Download
07.02.2011– Introduction and visit of the opera “Albert Herring”
06.03.2011– Visit of the The »Schoduvel«
26.03.2011– Autostadt and Quiz
15.04.2011– Visit to the Überseemuseum Bremen
30.04.2011– Walpurgis in the Harz Mountains
07.05.2011– Visit of the the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
14.05.2011– Osnabrück City of Peace and Music Festival
21.05.2011– Visit of a Farm
28.05.2011– Goldenstedter Moor
11.06.2011– Walking tour to Marienburg Castle & Jazztime-festival in Hildesheim
24.06.-25.06.2011– Mudflat walk and visit of the seal breeding station in Norddeich
Juni 2011 – 13. Internationale Sommerfest der Uni Oldenburg
09.07.2011– City Quiz in Hannover
05.08.2011– History of Knights & Students
15.10.2011– Guided tour through Lüneburg and visit to the salt museum
22.10.2011– Hiking Tour in the Deister Mountains
20.10.2011– Brewery Tour Beck & Co. in Bremen